Who we are

At Sismede we create personalized physical security solutions. We meet the necessities of all kinds of financial, commercial, industrial or touristic establishments, as well as residences with specific or exceptional security requirements, integrating naturally structure with the design and the corporate image.

Sismede was born in 1977, working stainless steel for design and decoration. In a short time, the experience creating design with hard and resistant materials, adapted to the security requirements of establishments, which didn’t want to resign on their corporate identity and a sense of aesthetic; as for example financial institutions, jewelleries, as well as establishments and companies with the wish to combine mechanics with design in an innovative way.

We dispose of the strictest certifications in security matters, assuring you that your company complies with the most demanding requirements.

From the first day on, we have understood our work as a service based on agility, efficiency, cordiality and professionalism.